Louis R. Rosenthal
Former Judge

Alexander M. Dudelson
Attorney at Law

Having practiced criminal defense in New York for a combined total of 50 years, Louis R. Rosenthal, Esq. and Alexander M. Dudelson, Esq. have extensive litigation experience in New York's state and federal courts. Let us put our expertise to work in your defense. We practice in all areas of criminal law, including cases involving arson, murder, rape, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, kidnapping, theft, DUI, embezzlement, prostitution, disorderly conduct, trespass vandalism, sex offenses & assault.

Louis R. Rosenthal previously served as Judge of the Criminal Court in Staten Island and Brooklyn from 1979 to 1982.

Handling criminal cases in the Counties of Kings, Richmond, New York, Queens and the Bronx.

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In most criminal cases, an accused person engages an attorney only after an arrest or accusation. The attorney has only a brief period to become acquainted with the offender and prepare a defense. Under these circumstances, an attorney must work quickly to develop an effective and trusting relationship with the client. Louis R. Rosenthal and Alexander M. Dudelson work closely with each client to make important strategic decisions at every state of the criminal process, in order to prepare an effective defense. We can provide invaluable advice as to how to handle a police interrogation or investigation, what plea to enter, how to obtain a release on bail, whether to accept a plea agreement, whether to waive a jury trial, what witnesses to call, and whether to testify in your own behalf. To preserve your legal rights and allow for the best possible outcome of your case, call us as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, contact Louis R. Rosenthal and Alexander M. Dudelson at 718-855-5100 to discuss your options. We will work tirelessly to safeguard your liberty and legal rights.

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